Movies to Watch while Travelling

Movies are our all-times entertaining partner whom you don’t have to pay heed to but just watch silently and cherish peace of mind. Movies can now be watched anywhere and at any time in you smartphones and iOS devices. You can download and watch flicks using the various movie apps like Movie Box, Show Box, Newest HD, etc.; even during travelling to avoid boredom and watch movies for free. Movie Box is an absolutely stunning movie app with features of watching free movies online, save them for later and choose from a huge collection of films from all genres.

The movies that you watch while travelling must be a mood lifter ad should give you an enjoyable feeling to make your journey and stay happy and peaceful. In this article here are some of the best flicks that can be opted to watch while travelling to grab an entertaining experience.

The Vow

The Vow is a romantic drama that is based on a true life event. It is about a happily married couple who spends their best times together and is in deep love and affection for each other. Much to their shock they meet with an accident and the charming wife loses her memory washing away all the sweet memories of her marriage and husband. The male protagonist makes tremendous effort to help her gain her memory back and strives to win her love back. Eventually it leads to new twists and a new meaningful love story.

Gods of Egypt

The action legend and popular star Gerard Butler has epitomized brilliance in the 2016’s Gods of Egypt movie which is a perfect combination of adventure and drama set in Egypt. Gerard Butler plays the lead of Set who is the god of darkness and claims the throne for himself in Egypt. It is now upon Bek who is the lead protagonist to rescue the people them from this brutality and peace in Egypt. Bek’s love is also taken captive by the god of darkness and he struggles to win things back.

The Intern

The Intern is yet another brilliant work of Anne Hatheway with a sensitive story line. The story engulfs around her life on how she strives to expand her business with good will. She gets the support of her darling husband in this journey and a 60+ year old intern to help her achieve her dreams inspite of many odds.

London Has Fallen

Gerard Butler’s another top action flick of 2016 where Mike Banning is entrusted with the job to stop a terrorist attack that is supposed to victimize at all world leaders who would be attending funeral of a British Prime Minister. This ceremonious event becomes a highly panic and dangerous situation for all secret service agents who are set to discover an assassination plan. Aaron Eckhart plays the role of Benjamin Asher, then US president. Asher and the agents strive to find a way and solution to fight and hinder the terrorists before it collapses everything.

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